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Analysis of DeSantis Administration’s Recent Actions on Migrants Resettling in Florida

Haiti US Deported Migrants
Joseph Odelyn/AP
Jhon Celestin, second right, his wife Delta De Leon and their daughter Chloe, deported fron the United States a few days earlier, walk to a bus station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Friday, Sept. 24, 2021. De Leon intends to cross the border into the Dominican Republic with her daughter as soon as possible to reunite with her father, sister and brother while her husband flies ahead to Chile.  But first, the family will travel to the coastal city of Jacmel in southern Haiti to see more relatives, a risky trip because it entailed crossing gang-controlled territory. (AP Photo/Joseph Odelyn)

Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced a series of actions, Sept. 28, aimed at mitigating impacts of migrants seeking entry into the U.S. from the Southern border being resettled in the sunshine state.

Those actions include a lawsuit filed by Moody against top federal immigration officials arguing that the Biden Administration is failing to enforce federal immigration law.

DeSantis has also signed Executive Order 21-223 that, among other things, bars state agencies from assisting in the transportation of immigrants into Florida. We’ll take a closer look at the situation with Fort Myers-based immigration attorney Indera DeMine and FGCU Law Professor and attorney Pamella Seay, whose expertise includes immigration and constitutional law.