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Floridians for Democracy raises concerns about what they say are authoritarian trends in Florida

Dave Aronberg, State Attorney for 15th Judicial Circuit; and Floridians for Democracy co-founder, Jim Nathan
Dave Aronberg, State Attorney for 15th Judicial Circuit; and Floridians for Democracy co-founder, Jim Nathan

In April of 2023 a small group of southwest Floridians got together to express their concerns about what they see as growing trends toward autocracy here in Florida, and more broadly across the United States. They formally launched their nonpartisan nonprofit called Floridians for Democracy in May and since then have been working to bring people together who share similar concerns.

The primary focus of their concerns are the policies and positions being put forth by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and the Republican-dominated state legislature, which they say demonstrate autocratic or authoritarian tendencies.

A basic definition of autocracy is a leader or party who seeks to concentrate power and undermine the principle of the separation of powers; weaken the independence of the judiciary, the legislature, and other institutions; persecute opposition, and generally weaken civil liberties.

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We get an update on the work they're doing from Floridians for Democracy co-founder, Jim Nathan. Jim served as CEO for Lee Health for 34 years until retiring in 2017, and he is an adjunct professor and Executive-in-Residence for the Marieb College Health and Human Services at Florida Gulf Coast University.

And also from Dave Aronberg. He’s the elected State Attorney for 15th Judicial Circuit which includes Palm Beach County, and a former democratic member of the Florida Senate. He was elected to the Senate in 2002 and served for eight years in a district which at the time included parts of Southwest Florida.

Floridians for Democracy will hold a Meet & Greet with State Attorney Aronberg on Tuesday, November 14 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Myers. Click here to learn more.

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