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Don Jensen

Thursday 10/9 @8pm, Saturday 10/11 @10pm & Sunday 10/12 @3pm

Don Jenson was born in the same Minnesota town as Bob Dylan but he grew up with a TV in the mountains of Colorado. Currently he builds boat docks in southwest Florida dreaming of the day he says he can become a professional musician rather than a professional carpenter.

Jenson said his days listening to music in Colorado influenced his songs today.

“There’s a pretty big bluegrass scene in Colorado and there’s also a lot of rock and country that go together and so it kind of made my sound I believe – that rustic, western sound,” said Jenson.

The 45-year-old didn’t start playing guitar until after high school when he was in the Army. He’s influenced by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin categorizing his music as a cross between folk, country, and rock.

He said he looks forward to collaborating with other musicians and maybe even starting a band. Jenson currently performs around southwest Florida’s open mic nights.