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Shannon Riley – “Fragments of My Mind”


  This month’s Versed in Florida poet is 23-year-old Fort Myers, Florida native Shannon Riley. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in creative writing and theatre from Florida Gulf Coast University. She’s now earning her Master’s degree in English from FGCU while working as a creative writing and drama teacher at Gateway Charter High School. She’s an aspiring actress on the side. She tells WGCU’s Amy Tardif she started writing poetry when she was 8-years-old.

Fragments Of My Mind

A few written lines wont buy you a cup of coffee

He said not with disdain but from his own experience

The happiest saddest man you will ever know

Only two spectrums perpetuated life

It didn’t make sense to him not to rhyme

A profound statement wrapped in matching words

That’s what made it an art to him

Not the metaphors or line breaks

The clichés were the classics

There is enough sadness in the world already

He said not with disdain but from his own observation

Why would one write to perpetuate more

Sadness in this life

A few written lines wont change the world

He said not with disdain but from his own experience

He did not want her to suffer he did not want her like himself

Admirable and selfish intertwined

It didn’t make sense to him.

Her tea has two lumps of sugar

The happiest saddest woman you will ever know

She has a book of poems that has made its home on a dusty shelf

It has rested in the shaky palms of many

It has been violated by uncertain eyes

Perverse poems dance on the pages

She wrote fragments of her mind

Jotted down on napkins and scratch paper

Personal thoughts intertwined with absurd feelings

She has not changed the world

Drenched in suffering soaked in blessings

She did not intend to prove him right or wrong

It didn’t make sense to her.