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Grey Squirrel

Gray Squirrel w tail over head in protective posture, Corkscrew, 2019-11-12, DSC_2471.JPG
Dr. Jerry Jackson

The Gray Squirrel is the most common tree squirrel in Florida – in part because it doesn’t need a large territory or even a cavity in which to nest – although it is much more successful nesting in a cavity than in a leaf nest that is exposed to the weather. The secret to gray squirrel abundance is the presence of a diversity of acorns, nuts, and pine seeds. The greater the food supply, the smaller this squirrel’s home range. Several pairs can occur within a city block – especially if the block also includes several well-stocked bird feeders. Sunflower seeds are favorites at the feeders and these squirrels will gorge themselves on them – while tossing out the smaller seeds that they find less desirable. Ground-feeding Mourning Doves readily eat those.