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Creatures of Rainy Nights

Under cover of darkness on a rainy night an abundance of wild things come out in search of food, a mate, or sometimes just to cross a road from a ditch on one side to a ditch on the other. Frogs, toads, and salamanders, crayfish, earthworms, and flatworms are the most prominent of the creatures who can’t come out in the dry, hot, sunlight. Movements of these creatures that hide by day often go unnoticed except by the predators of the night –- Barred Owls, Eastern Screech-Owls, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and a diversity of snakes that take advantage of the emergence of rainy night creatures. Many make the trip back and forth across our roads on a regular basis. Many are killed by passing cars. Even the flattened ones become food for scavengers that risk human traffic both at night and early the next day.