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  • John Cassani, the first person to be named Calusa Waterkeeper, is stepping down from the position he has held at the clean water environmental alliance for six years.Calusa Waterkeeper is among the most active environmental groups in Southwest Florida using a combination of staff scientist, experts, and a cadre of volunteers.One of Cassani’s priorities has been to keep the group focused on clean-water initiatives, whether for drinking, swimming, and fishing with a special emphasis on the Caloosahatchee River from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Did you ever wonder how “they” come up with a complicated estimate of something, like the tons of debris create by Hurricane Ian, which hit Lee County as a Category 4 tropical cyclone Sept. 28?A Lake Mary-based company helping to compile that figure is in a hiring blitz, turning Hurricane Ian into an opportunity to earn as much as $1,300 a week.Call the position a Post-Cyclonic Rubbish Removal Quality Control Specialist, but the reality is less fancy: stand around and watch trash collectors collects trash. And write it down.Thompson Consulting Services needs people to document how much hurricane-related debris is collected by companies Lee County has hired to haul away all the tree limbs, coconuts, garbage, and other debris. The job is not collecting the trash, but counting the amount that others do.
  • Temporary closure orders remain in effect as the Turner River Wildfire continues to burn through the area around Big Cypress National Preserve adjacent to Everglades National Park in southwest Florida.
  • Once bats are nesting in your house, it's illegal to force them out.
  • Ordinarily, when something reeks of rotting flesh, people tend to run in the opposite direction. But when it’s a rare amorphophallus titanium – more...
  • A plastic bag or a six pack ring floating by in the ocean would cause someone to cringe. Large pieces of plastics are easy to spot, campaign around and…