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queer rap

  • A solo exhibition of works by Southwest Florida-based artist Spencer Elles opens Friday, June 4 at DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery & Gifts in downtown Fort Myers. Elles is a multi-talented queer artist, musician, digital illustrator and videographer. The exhibition titled, “uhhhh… I guess this is my art show or whatever. (AKA the duality of man) yes…that’s the full title,” includes 25 original pieces along with 50 prints by Elles.
  • Multi-faceted Southwest Florida-based artist Spencer Elles has been hard at work amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Under the pseudonym Duke Stamina, the self-produced queer rap artist dropped his debut full-length album, “Super Horse Dads 2 TURBO: Tournament Edition (Original Soundtrack) ,” in September after signing onto the Los Angeles-based indie record label Sweatband Records. His unique music creations draw from a blend of genres including rap, trap hip hop, EDM, and punk, infused with comedic satire and self-described “aggressively gay” lyrical content.