Tampa City Council members decided today to allow Ybor City’s wild chickens to continue roaming the neighborhood.

This comes after last month's meeting where some residents complained about the chickens while others spoke in favor of them. 

Rachel Iacovone / WGCU

The LaBelle Silver Spurs 4-H Club took on a daunting task this summer — to train wild horses to become adoptable within 100 days. Hurricane Irma pushed back the club’s auction, though, for two extra months, and the mustangs are, now, hardly recognizable.

Photo: Donovan Smith

It’s been four months since wildfires raged across Collier County, burning thousands of acres, destroying homes, and coming life-threateningly close to the NGALA Wildlife Preserve in Naples. Locals watched as the flames inched closer to the animals that were difficult to evacuate. Animals like Walter the rhino.

The Florida Wildlife Federation is pushing for stiffer poaching penalties after a shark dragging video went viral.

A missing Citrus County woman with dementia was recently rescued with the help of something called a scent preservation kit.