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My guest today is Tom DeMarchi, he’s a writing professor at Florida Gulf Coast University and Director of the Sanibel Island Writers Conference, which marks its 13th year in November. We don’t normally use our guests official bio statements because they tend to be rather...drab. But not Tom’s!

Live Music from Soulixer

May 30, 2018

The Southwest Florida-based band Soulixer joins us for a live in-studio performance.  The band performs prolifically at venues throughout the region and delivers a high-energy mix of soul/funk/rock music with influences including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Mos Def, James Brown and Cage The Elephant.  We’ll feature music and conversation with band members Cayce Dillard (drums), Thomas O'Brien (guitar & vocals) and Mason Reinek (bass).

The third-annual BabeFest returns to Fort Myers, June 1.  The music festival celebrates diversity in the arts with a full line up of women-focused or women-fronted rock bands.  The event is organized by the non-profit Love Your Rebellion and is designed to encompass and expand upon organization’s mission to "empower marginalized groups through music, literature, and art.”  We’ll learn more about BabeFest and Love Your Rebellion from founder and local musician Angela Page.  We’ll also feature music and conversation with members of this year’s headliner, The Txlips.  This Atlanta-based all-black women rock band brings a high-energy sound blending funk, rap and rock.

To personify a wine grape is not a stretch - people do it all the time. While sometimes wine writers get carried away (I mean we’ve heard Syrah described as “voluptuous” a few too many times), there are definitely temperaments attributable to wine grapes and those can be compared with the signs of the Zodiac. It’s been a hobby of ours for years, and in this week’s episode of Grape Minds, we talk about the similarities between Taurus and the Malbec grape.

We sit down with Richard Conrath, who recently self-published his first book, Cooper's Moon. It tells the story of a college professor turned homicide detective who finds his way into the world of human trafficking of children.

We explore the writing process with him, but also the world of self-publishing, which has changed in recent years. What was once considered an outlier in the publishing world -- think the term ‘vanity press’ -- has evolved to become a way for authors to maintain control over their content, process and distribution. As technology has made it easier to both print, and disseminate written works, more and more authors are choosing the self-publishing route to get their words in the hands of people around the world.