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Internationally-acclaimed painter Steve Keene unveils a newly commissioned installation, April 12, at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida Southwestern State College in Fort Myers.  Ahead of Thursday’s opening reception, we sit down with Keene for a conversation about the exhibition, Keene’s unique and prolific painting style and his broader approach to art.  Having created more than 300,000 paintings in the last 35 years, Keene is hailed as the world’s most prolific painter. 

World-renowned photographer Jerry Uelsmann comes to Southwest Florida for the opening of a retrospective exhibition of his work at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida Southwestern State College.  Uelsmann is known for the complex darkroom techniques he pioneered in the 1950s and 60s to create his surreal images and is regarded as the pre-digital master of composite imagery and photomontage.

With more than 75 original photographs, including some never-before-seen works, this will mark one of the largest retrospective exhibitions of Uelsmann’s photography in recent years.  The artist himself joins us in studio ahead of his lecture at the opening reception to the exhibition on Jan. 11, along with Rauschenberg Gallery Director of Exhibitions and Collections, Jade Dellinger.

John Davis, WGCU

An interactive exhibit opens Aug.

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An exhibition featuring the work of world renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg is coming to Southwest Florida.  The exhibit, titled “Rauschenberg:  China/America Mix” runs from Oct. 22 through Dec. 17 at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida SouthWestern State College and will mark the first solo exhibition of Rauschenberg’s work since his memorial at the gallery in 2008.  Pieces selected for the exhibition highlight Rauschenberg’s fascination with China and the lasting influence the late artist’s work continues to have in inspiring art in China.  We’ll explore the effect of Rauschenberg’s art and his lasting connections both to China and to Southwest Florida. 

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The IMAGINE PEACE exhibit by famed artist and activist Yoko Ono opens Jan. 24 at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State College in Fort Myers.  The exhibit is a far cry from a typical visit to an art gallery.