Campaign Finance

A Florida Democrat wants to impose the same fundraising restrictions legislators face each session on the state’s cabinet officials.

With just a few days left before ballots for November’s election have to be finalized and printed, an initiative to curb the influence of wealthy donors on local politics is still tied up in court, and staff at the Board of Elections are bracing for work around the clock.


The Florida Elections Commission is once again calling foul on State Democratic Senator Dwight Bullard.

Nick Ares

A USA Today analysis found at least 140 former members of Congress still have campaign accounts with nearly 50 million dollars in them. Nearly a third of those former lawmakers have been out of office at least five years. 

The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in a case testing whether states, in the name of preserving judicial impartiality, may bar judicial candidates from personally soliciting campaign contributions.

There was a time when judicial elections were a pretty tame affair, with relatively little money spent, and candidates in most states limited in how they could campaign. Not anymore.