Citrus Greening

Florida Citrus Forecast Gloomy Again

Feb 13, 2017

Florida's citrus industry, on pace for its worst harvest in five decades, continues to get troubling news.

John Davis / WGCU

Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio met with Southwest Florida citrus growers Friday in Immokalee to discuss challenges facing the industry and how the federal government can help.  The bacterial disease, citrus greening, has decimated the industry over the past decade, reducing crop yields by 70 percent compared to where they stood twenty years ago. 

Florida’s iconic citrus industry remains on path for one of the worst growing seasons in decades, according to the latest orange crop reports.

Despite a decade of bad harvests, a Florida lawmaker says the state’s signature industry is recovering. Growers are optimistic new genetically engineered trees will survive the deadly citrus greening disease.

Researchers: Closer To Finding Citrus Greening Cure

Oct 20, 2016

Research scientists at the University of Florida’s Citrus Research and Education Center say they are on the cusp of finding a cure for greening disease.