Citrus Greening

Frank Tellez via Flickr

University of Florida researchers think they’ve found a way to cure trees infected with citrus greening. 

The treatment comes in three steps: first, a laser cuts small lines into the leaves of an infected tree, next an antibiotic is sprayed over the leaves, and then the leaves are covered in wax protect them from further damage. 

Senator Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton) wants to get rid of abandoned citrus groves, which he says can contribute to the spread of citrus greening.

Frank Tellez via Flickr

University of Florida researchers say they have developed genetically modified citrus trees that are resistant to greening. It is a significant step against the disease that has devastated Florida's $11 billion citrus industry and is among the worst to hit a US crop.

Wikimedia Creative Commons

A Florida Congressman filed a bill recently that expands tax incentives for citrus growers.

The bill has bipartisan support from Florida House members and industry stakeholders.

They hope it will keep growers in the industry, even as it buckles under the devastating disease called citrus greening.

State lawmakers are taking their agricultural committee on the road to discuss citrus greening in Central Florida.  The trip comes as projections for the state’s harvest continue to tumble.