Citrus Greening

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Citrus growers from around the state converge on North Fort Myers next week for the industry’s annual expo.  Florida is the second largest producer of orange juice in the world, but experts say the industry is under a serious threat from the bacterial disease – HLB – or citrus greening.  We’ll take a look at efforts to fight greening, and explore the status of the industry in light of efforts in Washington to pass immigration reform, and the House’s failure to pass the Farm Bill.

Putnam Warns of Threat to Citrus Crop

Jun 4, 2013
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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam says the state's orange industry, a nine-billion-dollar business, is in danger of being wiped out by citrus greening.

The bacterial disease is spread by tiny insects and causes oranges to fall off trees before they ripen, making the fruit inedible. Ultimately, the disease kills the entire tree.

Putnam says citrus greening has been found in every Florida county that produces citrus crops.

Florida Department of Agriculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced today the Citrus Research and Development Foundation in Lake Alfred, Florida will receive nine million dollars for research to stop and prevent transmission of the bacterial disease called citrus greening.