Class Size

The price tag for Florida’s class size amendment is now at $34 billion. The state has spent that much since the measure was put into the Florida constitution by voters back in 2002. Since that time, its caused headaches for schools and districts which undergo the tricky task of trying to meet the standard. Now  state lawmakers are trying again to grant districts a little more wiggle room when it comes to class sizes.

School districts are likely to face fewer penalties for violating class-size requirements under a bill that passed the Florida House Friday on a vote of 107 - 3.

StateImpact Florida: 70 Students in a Classroom

Oct 23, 2012

In order to accommodate so many students at the girls locker room at Hialeah High School in Miami is being used as a physical education classroom.

It’s dark, and it reeks of too much perfume. Schools can pack as many students as they want into classes like PE - there's no cap. But as teacher Julia Holden explains, there is the issue of space.