Frankie Colt

We’ll hear from Southwest Florida musician Xid and the 25 upon the release of his second album of high-energy mix of Electronic Alternative and Synth Pop/Rock music.  Xid went into the studio to create the new album, “Counting Days” with the goal of adding “more energy, more layers, and more passion.”  These eight new tracks follow the release of Xid’s first album “21 Apologies,” which came out in 2017.  Xid is also a member of the popular Southwest Florida band Cobress, which was featured on our show earlier this year.  We’ll hear selections from the new album ahead of the official release party July 5 at HOWL Gallery in Fort Myers as we explore Xid’s unique approach to music composition.

Cobress EP: “Stage Stomp”

Mar 29, 2018
Jesi Cason Photography

Members of the Fort Myers-based band Cobress join us to mark the release of their first EP, “Stage Stomp.”  The music of Cobress delivers a fierce energy with their unique fusion of punk, heavy rock, garage, industrial and electronica.  Their high-energy live performances include jumping, screaming, howling and even a bit of burlesque, evoking everything from rage to arousal.  The band consists of Frankie Colt (guitarist/vocalist), Colin O’Brien (bassist/vocalist), Louis Calavera (drums/percussion) and Xid (guitarist/keyboard/programmer).  We’ll sit down with the husband and wife team of Frankie Colt and Colin O’Brien ahead of their EP release performance March 29 at HOWL Gallery.