Common Core

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About 7,000 delegates from across the country have converged on Washington D.C. for the National Education Association’s 154th annual meeting and 95th Representative Assembly.  Through July 7, delegates are working to establish the association’s budget for the next year, hear concerns from members and tackle nationwide hot button issues ranging from standardized testing to the Presidential election.  On Tuesday, attendees heard from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  WGCU’s John Davis recently spoke with Florida Education Association President Joanne McCall whose attending the meeting and says school safety and gun control will once again be a priority on the heels of the Orlando nightclub mass shooting.

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The nation’s largest union for public school teachers kicked off its annual meeting June 26 in Orlando.  About 9,000 education leaders from across the country will converge on the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista hotel for the National Education Association’s 153rd annual meeting and 94th Representative Assembly

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Palm Beach County school board members say they aren’t willing to test the state when it comes to boycotting required exams. School board members said Wednesday the consequences for students if the district breaks the law are too great.

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The Lee County School Board made history with its August 27 vote to opt out of standardized testing.  On Tuesday, board members reversed that decision over concerns about how the move could impact students and teachers, education funding for the district and other education programs.  School board member, Don Armstrong said he’d come to a future school board meeting with a more detailed ‘opt out’ proposal.  We explore the pros and cons of opting out of state mandated high stakes testing. 

Is opting out of standardized testing the right decision for Lee County Schools?

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This summer there's been a big push by the nation's powerful teacher unions to completely revamp the nation's standardized tests mandated under No Child Left Behind and then revamped with the White House’s new Common Core standards.