Curious Gulf Coast

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This week, WGCU is answering your questions about development in Southwest Florida in a multi-platform Curious Gulf Coast series, beginning with a look at projections of population growth.

Headlines tout Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres as some of the fastest growing cities in America, but it's not always clear who is compiling this data. So, what data are the professionals actually using when planning for population growth?

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I’m in a lab at Florida Gulf Coast University, talking to a 4-year-old about every photo in her mom’s camera roll.


Her mom, Alana Underwood, asked Curious Gulf Coast, “Is there some factor in this area that’s causing more cases of pediatric cancer than other parts of the nation?"

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What motivated early Floridians to move into the swampy, mosquito-infested area of South Florida? How did the Seminoles and other Native American peoples thrive in such a demanding environment? Questions from Curious Gulf Coast listeners spurred a look at life in Florida before modern conveniences.