The third-annual BabeFest returns to Fort Myers, June 1.  The music festival celebrates diversity in the arts with a full line up of women-focused or women-fronted rock bands.  The event is organized by the non-profit Love Your Rebellion and is designed to encompass and expand upon organization’s mission to "empower marginalized groups through music, literature, and art.”  We’ll learn more about BabeFest and Love Your Rebellion from founder and local musician Angela Page.  We’ll also feature music and conversation with members of this year’s headliner, The Txlips.  This Atlanta-based all-black women rock band brings a high-energy sound blending funk, rap and rock.

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The thing about cultural, religious and even political differences in our society is that they are often seen to divide us. But, underneath all that, what makes us human is the same - we all inhabit human bodies and when those bodies are broken, we go to the same place as everyone else: our local clinic or hospital. 

Jacksonville Finance Committee Chairman Garrett Dennis is asking city agencies to report on staff demographics as part of their budget presentations next month.

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Lee County voters are deciding this week whether or not to change the make-up of the school board. The change could make the school district, which has never had an African-American or Latino school board member, more diverse.

Teacher Gap In Diversity

May 6, 2014
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Florida’s teachers aren’t as diverse as their students. That’s the finding of a new study that looked at the “diversity gap” in the classroom.

StateImpact Florida reporter Sammy Mack explains