Docs vs. Glocks

Sep 2, 2015
Wikimedia Creative Commons

Physician groups are requesting that a federal appeals court reconsider a ruling that upholds a Florida law restricting what doctors can ask patients about guns. On July 28, a federal court lifted an injunction on the law filed by a consortium of physician groups representing some 11,000 medical providers after the bill was signed into law in 2011.  The law, which has been dubbed, “Docs. Vs. Glocks,” prevents doctors from asking patients about gun ownership or recording such information in a patient’s medical record.  The law contains exceptions including instances in which gun ownership would be relevant to a patient’s medical care, safety or the safety of others.

Medical School Dean: FL Needs More Primary Care Residents

Aug 13, 2015

Last year, 369 students graduated from Iowa medical schools, but at least 131 of them had to finish their training elsewhere because Iowa had only 238 residency positions available.

The story was the same for at least 186 students who graduated from Missouri medical schools and 200 who studied at Tennessee schools. States such as New York, California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were happy to take them—all four states took in more residents than students they trained.

Lawmakers Look Again At 'Direct Primary Care'

Aug 5, 2015

After the idea received near-unanimous support from the House during a June special session, a Republican lawmaker this week renewed efforts to help clear the way for doctors and patients to enter into a type of primary-care arrangement that cuts out insurers.

Doctors Call For More State Oversight After Infant Deaths

Jul 7, 2015

 After the deaths of five infants, a team of doctors from across the state was asked in 2014 to review a Palm Beach County hospital's highly specialized program for doing heart surgeries on children.

The team's recommendation: St. Mary's Medical Center should not perform heart surgeries on babies under 6 months old because the program did not handle enough cases to maintain the expertise needed for quality care.

State and federal investigators are looking into infant deaths at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach. The babies died following heart surgery.