Placards Posted To Save Indian River Dolphins

Aug 21, 2017

Biologists are posting hundreds of signs on the seawalls of the Indian River Lagoon in an effort to save dolphins. The placards caution visitors not to feed the dolphins or discard fishing gear in the lagoon.

WMFE, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

New research reveals the critical role the environment plays in dolphin health. The study compared dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon and Charleston, S.C., with those at the Georgia Aquarium and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego.

SeaWorld To Open New Dolphin Show In Orlando

Mar 6, 2017

SeaWorld Orlando is set to open a new dolphin show beginning this spring.

Authorities say 81 false killer whales died this weekend in the southwest Everglades after their pod became stranded in shallow water.


Courtesy Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

This spring’s stunning fish kill was the latest distressing bellwether for the Indian River Lagoon. It came three years after die-offs of dolphins, pelicans and manatees. Their deaths remain a mystery.

The dead dolphins were turning up on the shores of the Indian River Lagoon with peanut heads. That’s how scientists describe dolphins so emaciated their shrunken heads and necks take the shape of peanuts. Grieving mothers pushed dead calves until the carcasses sank.