Elder Care

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World Elder Abuse Awareness will be commemorated Thursday, Jun. 15, and while seniors are often targets for scams and exploitation, health officials say elder self-neglect is a growing concern, a state where a person is no longer able to take proper care of themselves because of physical or mental impairment.

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South Florida is home to some of the grayest counties in the country, and as more seniors face critical decisions about where and how they live, questions about what programs seniors can take advantage and the kind of care available in Southwest Florida are common.

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Scams targeting Southwest Florida's senior residents are common, but few seniors believe they could ever be taken. That’s why the Punta Gorda police department has initiated a community-wide project encouraging young and old to be alert for signs that elderly persons are possibly being exploited.

Scott Signs Bill Aimed At Unscrupulous Guardians

Mar 14, 2016

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a bill aimed at better protecting elderly Floridians from unscrupulous guardians.

Elder Protection Effort Heads To Scott

Feb 29, 2016

The Florida House on Wednesday gave final approval to a proposal that would lead to increased oversight of professional guardians who manage the affairs of seniors. The House voted 115-2 to back the bill (SB 232), which earlier passed the Senate and is now ready to go to Gov. Rick Scott.