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Medical marijuana is back on the ballot in Florida. Amendment 2 could expand access to the drug for some severely ill patients in the state.

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Amid claims of a “rigged” election, we're looking at the process Florida elections officials follow to ensure equipment and practices are secure at the polls.

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Donald Trump stood by his assertion that President Barack Obama is the “founder of ISIS” during an appearance Thursday evening in Kissimmee. Trump addressed a rowdy crowd of thousands who joined in the familiar chants, “Lock her up!” and “Build a wall!” He criticized the president’s withdrawal of troops from Iraq. He said he never supported the invasion but that the withdrawal contributed to ISIS’ growth and influence.

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About 7,000 delegates from across the country have converged on Washington D.C. for the National Education Association’s 154th annual meeting and 95th Representative Assembly.  Through July 7, delegates are working to establish the association’s budget for the next year, hear concerns from members and tackle nationwide hot button issues ranging from standardized testing to the Presidential election.  On Tuesday, attendees heard from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  WGCU’s John Davis recently spoke with Florida Education Association President Joanne McCall whose attending the meeting and says school safety and gun control will once again be a priority on the heels of the Orlando nightclub mass shooting.

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After months of unrelenting and nasty political ads, Florida’s gubernatorial race has come to an end. Republican Gov. Rick Scott was reelected Tuesday night.