Governor Scott: Consider More Early Voting

Dec 19, 2012

Governor Rick Scott says the state must consider adding early voting days and cutting the ballot to avoid the long lines Floridians endured on Election Day.

Scott also said Wednesday on CNN and WNDB radio in Daytona Beach that local elections supervisors should have more flexibility to allow for more voting machines where needed.

But the most surprising thing the Republican governor said may be that he and GOP lawmakers perhaps erred in cutting early voting days from 14 to 8 for the 2012 elections.

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner is touring the five counties that experienced elections problems this week as part of his investigation into the issue. Visits to Lee County and Miami-Dade took place today.

A group of state elections officials, including the Secretary of State and the Division of Elections attorney, is studying what went wrong in five counties and what went right in one – Hillsborough.  Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington said hers was a very positive meeting. She told Secretary Ken Detzner the issues in the large counties were universal starting with the length of the ballot.

The man charged with overseeing elections in Florida was questioned by Senators Tuesday in Tallahassee. Secretary of State Ken Detzner says most of Florida’s 67 counties performed well during the general election. But Detzner will begin an investigation next week in five counties.

Florida Certifies Election Results

Nov 20, 2012

The final tally includes unofficial results from St. Lucie County, where early ballots were recounted in the close race between Allen West and Patrick Murphy. Secretary of State Ken Detzner says the county missed the November 18th deadline for submitting new totals.

“If St. Lucie County had timely submitted its retabulated returns, those returns would not have affected the ultimate outcome of any race, and would not have placed any race within the margin of a recount”, Detzner said.

After two weeks, legal challenges and plenty of barbs with his opponent, Rep. Allen West, the Republican Tea Party firebrand, conceded defeat this morning.