Florida Voters Say No to Constitutional Amendments

Nov 8, 2012

Florida voters turned away all but 3 of the 11 proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot Tuesday including one that would have repealed the state's ban on public funding for religious organizations.

Supporters said the amendment would advance religious freedom. Opponents said it would have diverted scarce resources away from the state’s public schools.

Joie Cadle, president of the Florida School Boards Association, says voters made it clear that they don’t want taxpayer money funding religious schools. 

We spoke to voters while they waited in line in Estero Tuesday about their hopes for the future.  We hear from James Hayford, Robert Sarver, Milt who didn’t give his last name, Jeff Terrello, Edna Brumfield, Ken Jacob and Marlene Hood.

Justices Easily Survive Merit Retention Vote

Nov 7, 2012

Three state Supreme Court justices targeted by social conservatives and the Republican Party of Florida easily survived merit retention votes Tuesday.

Justices R. Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince beat back a campaign their supporters said would threaten the justice system. Pariente said the justices' victory rebuffed an effort by outside special interests to hijack the bench.

Florida Democratic Party chairman Rod Smith said the GOP had over-reached by going after the third branch. 

GOP Loses Super-Majority in State Senate

Nov 7, 2012

Florida Republicans lost their veto-proof majority in the state Senate Tuesday night. The GOP will control 26 of the 40 Senate seats now, down from 28.

Republicans Dorothy Hukill and Aaron Bean cruised to victory in two of the state's highest-profile Senate races, but Democrat Maria Sachs beat Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff in a fiercely contested battle of incumbents in South Florida.

State Democratic Party chair Rod Smith said the loss of the GOP's super-majority is incredibly important. 

As the dust settles on Tuesday’s election, join the conversation with our panel of experts for a look at Florida’s role in deciding the winner of the U.S. Presidential contest.  FGCU Political Science Professors Dr. Peter Bergerson and Dr. Roger Green along with News-Press columnist Betty Parker will provide in-depth analysis on the results of other political races here in Southwest Florida.