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While red tide rages along Southwest Florida’s Gulf coast, blue-green algae is making its way westward along the Caloosahatchee River toward the Gulf.  The Florida Department of Health in Lee County recently issued a health advisory for the Alva Boat Ramp, Davis Boat Ramp, and the Franklin Lock and Dam.

Marijuana Provider Worried About DOH Pesticide Rules

Apr 12, 2018

A marijuana provider has raised concerns with the Florida Department of Health’s proposed pesticide rules, and both sides have a deadline for a compromise.

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This Friday is World AIDS Day, which has been observed on Dec. 1 since its inception in 1988. The '80s were the peak of the AIDS crisis and all of the stigmas and misinformation that came with it, but by the end of the decade, World AIDS Day was instituted to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and show support to those living with HIV.

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Viral hepatitis claims the lives of roughly 15,000 Americans each year, mostly through liver diseases like cancer. As many as 5.3 million Americans live with chronic forms of hepatitis, and many don’t know it, or the specific type of the virus they have. Lifesaving treatment is available only when you know you're infected, and that's spurring a push by the Department of Health in Collier County to offer free testing and treatment this week.

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Just this month Brazil—the country where experts say the Zika virus first arose—ended its nationwide health emergency related to the virus. The World Health Organization took a similar step in November. But as the summer mosquito season in Florida begins, the threat from Zika remains acute for South Florida and other parts of the world where the mosquitoes carrying the virus can be found.