Florida Legislature

Lawmakers Hear From Public on Affordable Care Act

Jan 15, 2013

The Florida Legislature is trying to decide whether to move forward with parts of the federal Affordable Care Act. Backers, including two physicians, urged the lawmakers to expand Medicaid eligibility to hundreds of thousands more people.

Palm Beach Gardens resident Arie Strobel said she and her daughter have been unable to get coverage since her husband died suddenly in 2009.

Lawmakers Hear from Obamacare Opponents

Dec 4, 2012

As the Florida Legislature decides how to implement the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, lawmakers Monday heard from passionate opponents of the law.

The Legislature must decide whether to create and run the state's own health care exchange, from which individual Floridians may purchase health insurance, or to let the federal government do it.

Florida fell in the latest Economic Freedom of North American Index put out by the conservative non-profit Frasier Institute.  The annual report ranks the 50 states and Canadian provinces and territories based on factors like taxation, government spending and regulations and labor market freedom. 

Florida came in 25th place, down from 22nd in last year’s report and down from third in 2006.  This year’s report only reflects data through 2010, before Gov. Rick Scott took office.