Florida Legislature

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More than 70 percent of Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment last year to extend property tax exemptions to homes and businesses installing solar energy systems. Now, as lawmakers turn that amendment into law, a short Senate bill is clashing with a larger and more complex House version that introduces dozens of regulations for the solar industry. 

Photo: Awake the State

As the 2017 Florida legislative session begins, activists are rallying behind under the “Awake the State” banner are gathering in towns all over Florida tonight, including Fort Myers.

They’re making demands on lawmakers in Tallahassee on topics ranging from education funding, to environmental issues, and more. 

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  When a health care provider wants to build a new hospital, hospice or nursing home in Florida, or even revamp and old one, they first have to apply for a “Certificate of Need" from state regulators.  It's a lengthy and expensive process that can end in rejection: last year, regulators denied 20 of the 47 applications

A bill to protect Floridians from discrimination based on their sexual preference or gender identity is making its way through the state legislature.  

It’s not the first time the Competitive Workforce Act has been proposed, but it is the first time the issue has seen bi-partisan support: a coalition of more than 450 businesses support the measure, alongside 36 lawmakers have signed on as co-sponsors, including Fort Myers’ Republican Rep. Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen and Sarasota Republican Reps. Alex Miller and Joe Gruters.

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Local city and county governments won't be able to impose new regulations on "businesses, professions, and occupations," and state law would preempt any existing local laws and regulations: that's the heart of House Bill 17, now advancing in Tallahassee.