Gov. Rick Scott

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As of Monday morning, the Army Corps of Engineers had halted releases of water from Lake Okeechobee to the west coast. This came after the decision to stop sending water toward the east coast late last month. Still, the persistent blue-green algae bloom brought Gov. Rick Scott to Southwest Florida for a firsthand look.

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This week, Governor Rick Scott announced tax cuts he'd like to have in place for next year. But he also recently said he wants to spend almost $2 billion dollars on environmental projects. 

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In the twilight of Gov. Rick Scott’s tenure as governor, a Treasure Coast Palm reporter tallied his actions regarding the environment, asking: "Is Gov. Rick Scott a friend or foe of the environment?” The article lists millions of dollars for Everglades and springs restorations championed by Scott, but also show big cuts to state agencies and a 75 percent drop in the number of cases opened by the Department of Environmental Protection.


Venezuela, the oil-rich South American nation, has been gripped by political turmoil, civic unrest, and an economic crisis for months. Now Gov. Rick Scott is calling on state agencies and other businesses to cut their connections to Caracas.

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Children in rural Hendry County are training wild horses, making them suitable for adoption. They’re challenged to discipline 12 mustangs from Nevada in 100 days. But since Gov. Rick Scott just vetoed state funding for their club, the group predicts a future financial struggle. Let's go to the ranch in LaBelle where the kids are taming these wild animals.