Gulf of Mexico

Unless you’re a boater, or love to fish, or maybe just love fresh seafood, you might not give the Gulf of Mexico all that much thought -- we’re going to try to change that today. We’re joined by the author of The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea, which won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for History. Jack E. Davis’s epic narrative brings readers through the gulf’s history, from its formation in prehistoric times all the way through today -- exploring the countless ways humans have both revered, and exploited the great body of water.

Photo: Pixabay via Public Domain

The first offshore sale in the US Oil and Gas Leasing program for the year has concluded. It offered the largest amount of acreage in the history of the federal offshore program in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile the Trump Administration is working to expand offshore drilling into the eastern Gulf and other new areas. 

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council is unveiling its plan for 2017 and looking for public feedback.

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Despite a months-long season for red snapper in state waters off Florida and other Gulf states, fisherman across the Gulf of Mexico are gearing up to protest a brief three-day opening to catch the prized fish in federal Gulf waters. Fishermen argue a short opening hurts businesses and hampers anglers across the Gulf, but fishery managers say a small window is important to preserve a species still recovering from overfishing.

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons

Florida lawmakers have voted on a plan for how they'll pay out the state's millions of dollars for damages sustained from BP's 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.