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John Davis

  Researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University are working to develop an antiviral treatment for Zika based on their work combatting another closely related virus that’s spread by mosquitos. 

Sanofi Pasteur via Flickr

Lee Memorial Health System is preparing for any future Zika virus cases. The Florida Department of Health said on Tuesday there are 44 cases in the state. Three of those cases are in Lee County and all are travel-related.

Lee Memorial is working to identify any possible local Zika cases.

Mark Sadowski

A study published last month in the “Proceedings of the Royal Society B,” links chronic exposure to an amino acid produced by blue-green algae and common in crabs and other seafood to an increased risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s’, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 

The study examined the effects of consuming foods with the amino acid known as BMAA and found it can lead to the development of “brain tangles” and protein deposits in the brains of monkeys.  

05/25/2016 UPDATE: Silvia passed this morning.  The church bells are ringing in her pueblo in Oaxaca so that she can rest in peace. She will be buried there next to her father and grandmother. 

A great blessing was that Silvia's mother was able to visit for three weeks in March.  


(correction: In 2013 Farmworker Justice reported: “Farm workers suffer elevated risks for prostate cancer, esophagus cancer, and oral cavity cancers.  Pesticide exposure is attributed to higher rates of birth defects, developmental delays, leukemia, and brain cancer among farm worker children.”  [The original essay said that information came from an August 2015 Center for Public Integrity report.]

Genelle Grant has been working with farm worker families for more than 23 years in Southwest Florida. She directs the GRACE or Guatemalan Rural Adult and Children's Education Project to prevent human trafficking.  Today she tells the story of a woman who used to work in the fields whose severe health issues bring farm worker safety into question. 

City of Belle Glade

Small towns around Lake Okeechobee have been feeling the effects of record rainfall.

The Vice Mayor of  Belle Glade in Palm Beach County urged water managers to keep her residents’ safety in mind Thursday.