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Frank Tellez via Flickr

University of Florida researchers think they’ve found a way to cure trees infected with citrus greening. 

The treatment comes in three steps: first, a laser cuts small lines into the leaves of an infected tree, next an antibiotic is sprayed over the leaves, and then the leaves are covered in wax protect them from further damage. 

zenera via Flickr

NASA scientists say this winter's erratic weather is part of a global warming trend dating back more than a decade. Their findings are based on a fleet of satellites and airborne sensors that for the first time are giving scientists a global view of our changing climate.

The weekend's blizzard that gripped the mid-Atlantic region followed a balmy December along the east coast that in central Florida was the hottest ever recorded.

Edward the Bonobo/Flickr

A Sarasota-based medical marijuana company is developing a patch containing a chemical compound from the cannabis plant.  

The company – Alternative Medical Enterprises or AME – said the compound, known as CBD, has anti-inflammatory benefits that would help with conditions like arthritis.

UCF Researcher Uncovers Challenges Mining Asteroids

Jan 4, 2016

Researcher Josh Colwell’s experiment is getting a ride on the Vomit-comet – a plane that simulates microgravity environments. Using particles similar to the dust and dirt on an asteroid, Colwell wants to observe how they behave in microgravity.

There’s a lot of interest in mining asteroids for minerals like platinum. So Colwell hopes his findings will help design space suits and tools for future asteroid explorers.


The Lee Memorial Health System is changing its policies for providing free and discounted medical care for the area’s uninsured.

The policy shift moves the hospital group into compliance with Affordable Care Act regulations.