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While hemp has been grown as a fiber and grain crop for thousands of years, it was made illegal in the U.S. in the 1930s. But, times are changing and now there are more than 30 states exploring it as an agricultural crop. Now, that process is getting started here with a new pilot project from the University of Florida. UF’s Industrial Hemp research plan will explore the economic viability of growing hemp in the sunshine state. On today’s show we’re going to find out what that entails.

Lawmaker Eyes Industrial Hemp Programs

Mar 6, 2017

Pointing to a crop for Florida's agriculture industry and the potential for new jobs, a House Republican on Friday proposed allowing state colleges and universities to start industrial hemp programs.

Lawmakers Seek To Legalize Industrial Hemp

Oct 20, 2015

Two Democratic lawmakers have breathed new life into an effort to legalize hemp as an agricultural crop in Florida. Proponents of the program are pitching it as an economic boost to Florida.

A product made from cannabis could become one of Florida’s top crops: A bill in Tallahassee would allow Florida farmers to grow hemp.

Robert Clayton finished construction last year on a house made of hemp in Tarpon Springs. It’s thought to be the first of its kind in Florida. He testified at a Senate hearing about his research for the Hemp Industries Association.

The passage of ballot initiatives in Washington and Colorado has enlivened the national debate over the legality of marijuana, but there’s another far less controversial use for cannabis plants that’s gaining ground: Hemp as an industrial building material. We’ll meet the man behind what will become Florida’s first hemp house as we explore the history and the future of industrial hemp in the U.S.