The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is using software to map real-time heroin overdoses.

The man had just risen from the dead.

He’s in his mid-20’s. Sitting on a couch in a house in Delray Beach. Pale as a ghost, sweaty, wide-eyed, disoriented.  Like he just woke up from a nightmare.

A recent report from the Florida Medical Examiners Commission finds that Florida’s 12th Judicial Circuit, which includes DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota Counties, had the fourth highest number of heroin-related deaths in the state for the first half of 2015.  The issue of drug-related deaths has been particularly bad in Manatee County which established itself as the heroin capital of Florida in 2014 with 110 deaths due to heroin and or fentanyl.

The Orange County Heroin Task Force unanimously approved a plan Monday to combat Central Florida’s growing heroin problem.

Dimitris Kalogeropoylos/Flickr

Opioid deaths in Manatee County are on track to double by the end of the year.

County officials believe this spike is the result of Florida’s crack down on pill mills. Now, users are turning to heroin and a synthetic drug called fentanyl sometimes with deadly results.

The crisis is putting a strain on community agencies from law enforcement to treatment centers.