A new hunting dog rule approved by Florida wildlife officials is drawing some concerns.

Update: Cat fight

Aug 21, 2016
Anna Vignet / Reveal

Find out what's happened since we first took a look at two cats whose fates diverged. One, an invasive predator, is encouraged to thrive and hunt; the other, a native wildcat, is being hunted and trapped. We revisit these cat stories on the next Reveal.

Commissioners Push Pause On Bear Hunt

Jun 23, 2016

There won’t be a bear hunt in Florida this year. Last year the state held its first black bear hunt in two decades, but the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted Wednesday to push pause on the controversial program.

The parameters of a proposed second bear hunt in Florida in as many decades are beginning to emerge.

Volusia County is urging the state not to hold another bear hunt. The county council wants the state to focus on other techniques to keep black bears out of suburban areas.