We're joined by Raney Aronson-Rath, she’s Executive Producer of Frontline, one of public television’s most critically acclaimed, and long-running shows that pretty much sets the bar for in depth, documentary filmmaking. Since its launch in 1983 there have been more than 500 episodes. Aronson-Rath joined Frontline in 2007 as a senior producer. She was named deputy executive producer by the series founder, David Fanning, in 2012, and then became executive producer in 2015. She was in town for an event at WGCU so we thought we’d sit down to pick her brain about the future of journalism, and about making Frontline.

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We sit down with Ron Feemster, 

Journalism professor at Florida Southwestern State College, to discuss his upcoming lecture “Living in a World of Fake News” which is part of FSW’s Critical Thinking Lectures Series. Professor Feemster has researched the history of “fake news” back to the dawn of the printing press. He says the world we live in today is quite similar to that of colonial times in terms of how publishers try to hold an audience, except now publishing is far cheaper, has no geographical boundaries, and moves at the speed of light.