Lee Memorial Health System

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Yesterday was World Stroke Day, an annual awareness day observed on Oct. 29.

One out of six people in the world experience a stroke in their lifetime, making it the leading cause of death and disability globally. 

Lee Memorial Health System

Lee Memorial Health System celebrates 100 years of serving the community’s medical needs this week.  The first Lee Memorial Hospital opened Oct. 3, 1916 in a 15-bed wood-framed building.  Since that time, it’s grown and expanded into a health system with an inpatient capacity of 1,419 beds employing more than 12,000 people.  We’ll explore LMHS’s rich history in Lee County through the Jim Crow era, the roaring 1920s, the Great Depression, two world wars and beyond.  We’ll also find out about the health system’s new look including the new name, “Lee Health” as the health system begins a new century of care.

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A non-profit research center in Fort Myers is joining the rapidly developing field of genetic research. The Clinical & Translational Genome Research Institute opened this month at Florida Gulf Coast University’s newly completed Emergent Technologies Institute.  

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Lee Memorial Health System wants to expand a program that targets malnutrition. Malnutrition is poor health caused by eating unhealthy foods or just not eating enough.

Malnourished patients are more likely to develop infections after surgery and are more likely to be readmitted to the hospital.

But, the condition can be hard to detect. Older folks are especially at risk because of things like taking medications that suppress their appetites.

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  Lee Memorial Health System is temporarily suspending its kidney transplant program at Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers while working to restructure and hire new staff.  The move comes a year after the health system stopped performing kidney transplants with living donors following the death of a donor.