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We'll sit down for the hour with Nathan Hill. The Naples-based novelist's first book, "The Nix," took the literary world by storm in 2016. We'll ask him what the onslaught of literary fame has been like, and how it felt to learn that great American novelist John Irving had compared his work to Charles Dickens.

Photo: Julie Glenn, WGCU

The 2017 Pine Island Mango Mania festival kicks off this weekend, a 21-year tradition that has brought mango growers, preservers, chefs working with the fruit, and more to the area to revel in mangos and other tropical fruits.

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Bob H. Lee spent more than three decades as a Florida game warden, and in his second book, he collects stories from across Florida of fellow officers tracking poachers, chasing illegal fishing operations, and mounting a rescue after a jet crashes in the Everglades.