Matt Caldwell

Florida House Photo

Members of Southwest Florida’s state legislative delegation met with business leaders and local elected officials at a Chamber of Southwest Florida luncheon in Fort Myers Tuesday to discuss the successes and failures of this year’s legislative session, which ended May 8. 

A Republican state representative is launching his bid for agriculture commissioner.

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With the start of Florida’s legislative session now just a month away, we begin our series of conversations with members of the Southwest Florida legislative delegation. We recently caught up with Republican State Rep. Matt Caldwell of District 79, for a look at his legislative priorities and his position on hot button issues this year including gambling, and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law. Caldwell’s district includes North Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres and Buckingham in Lee County.

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Environmental activists want sugar growers in Florida to pay more taxes to clean up nutrient runoff, which has been flowing in to the Everglades for years.

A proposed bill would have the state trade land it already owns for new land it wants to acquire. However, a key lawmaker from Southwest Florida could halt it.