The University of South Florida has sold WUSF Television as part of the Federal Communication Commissions's spectrum auction.

The license for the station was sold for $18.7 million. As part of its Broadcast Incentive Auction, the federal government is buying signals from broadcasters around the country to sell to wireless network providers.  

Jim Wyss, the Miami Herald’s Andean bureau chief who traveled to Venezuela to cover a massive protest rally in Caracas, was detained by Venezuelan immigration authorities Wednesday evening.

Popular Twitter accounts like “Florida Man,” have helped to spread some of the Sunshine State’s strangest stories and encounters to readers throughout the country and even the world.  The unusual (and sometimes criminal) exploits that occur here coupled with the dangers of hurricanes, sinkholes, shark encounters and lightning strikes have helped give the state a reputation that can make Florida seem like a national punchline and prompt outsiders to wonder why so many people continue to relocate to a place that seems bent on killing its residents.

Teams from the Florida Health Department went door-to-door in South Beach, a known Zika "hot zone" in Miami-Dade County, Wednesday.

They were telling residents about the risks of Zika, while passing along Zika prevention kits and collecting urine samples from volunteers. 

Though media was invited to attend, the DOH field workers were caught off guard.

 Since small recreational drones came onto the market a few years ago, journalists have been using them for news gathering.

Problem is - many of them may have been doing so without clear legal guidelines.