The Minnesota-based American Public Media Group is still not commenting on reports that it will sell the three local radio stations that make up Classical South Florida - those include WKCP in Miami and WPBI in Palm Beach County. The trade publication “Current” reported the stations will sell to a religious broadcasting company from California. The sale - and how the sale happened - is making waves in South Florida.

It may be the day the classical music died, but Classical South Florida listeners still have no official word that three local radio stations have been sold to a California-based religious broadcasting company.

Last week, Governor Rick Scott approved new restrictions for drones, but the question of how drones clash with the first amendment hovers over the heads of Floridians.

On the brink of this year's legislative session, Governor Rick Scott is dealing with a big thorn. Scott replaced former head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Gerald Bailey, saying Bailey left voluntarily.

Bailey says that's a lie. 

When Governor Scott's lawyer told Bailey to retire, Bailey did pack up his stuff and leave. A few days later, Scott said Bailey resigned. Bailey said that wasn't true and called the governor a liar in the public square. Things rapidly went down from there.

Florida Matters: Hurricane Charley 10th Anniversary

Aug 7, 2014

It's been ten years since Hurricane Charley took a hard right turn and unexpected slammed into Punta Gorda, before tearing through Central Florida. We take a look back at the devastation, with features from a re-visit to Punta Gorda and Arcadia, to see how they've recovered since the storm. We also take a look at how insurance rates were affected by the storm. And we interview former WGCU anchor Valerie Alker about how she rode out the storm while trying to host Morning Edition.