A new report shows the number of reporters working full time to cover state legislatures all over the country has shrunk a lot in the past few years.

StoryCorps Comes To University Of Miami

Jun 27, 2014

Every Friday NPR broadcasts stories collected by the nonprofit Storycorps. This week Storycorps came to the University of Miami to record stories of military veterans.

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Family members, lawmakers and friends of Former Gov. Reubin Askew met in Tallahassee for his memorial service Today. In 1967, then-Senator Reubin Askew supported what would become a trailblazing law requiring openness in government, known as the Sunshine Law. At the time, a law allowing public access to government meetings was revolutionary. Now, it seems almost like an afterthought as many meetings are live streamed online.

Making Sense of Traffic Crash Videos

Feb 14, 2014

It was a tragic, horrific car crash on I-275 in Tampa. A driver was going south in the northbound lanes on an early Sunday morning. He ran head on into a car carrying four University of South Florida students.

The fiery crash killed all five. And it was all caught on video by another driver in the southbound lanes.

Newspaper websites and TV stations aired all or part of that video, but should they have? WUSF's Craig Kopp talks with Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute's "Sense-Making Project".

Making Sense of Public Radio News Subpoenas

Nov 18, 2013
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Last week, a minor behind-the-news stir was generated when Florida's Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater's office filed a subpoena for sound gathered by a Tallahassee-based public-radio. WUSF's Craig Kopp talks about that with Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute's "Sense-Making Project".