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For years, humorist and frequent NPR contributor David Sedaris has fended off advances from movie producers eager to turn his writing into blockbusters. But, a young indie filmmaker who cut his teeth in Miami is the first to give a Sedaris story the Hollywood treatment.

Fusion will be the English speaking child of the ABC network and Spanish language powerhouse Univision. In late October, it will start broadcasting from Doral in what it says is the largest newsroom in the world.

Governor Rick Scott was there to celebrate a new business with 600 new jobs. But it may also represent the cultural sea change that ended some Republican political, careers in 2012. Univision president Cesar Conde says, in this building, Univision will continue to broadcast exclusively in Spanish. But Fusion will speak in English to multicultural young people.

Groups Announce Plans for 2014 Gubernatorial Debate

Aug 20, 2013

Florida's 2014 gubernatorial election is still more than a year away. The Democratic candidate is still unknown. But two groups are already making plans to bring together the Republican and Democratic nominees in a statewide televised debate in mid-October 2014.

Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association, which have co- hosted debates in the past, announced the plans Tuesday.

How does the perceived bias of a media source impact whether audiences trust the information provided?  What role can that perception play in whether audiences trust that message particularly when it comes to public health information?  Those questions are at the heart of new research from Edison State College Professor Tonia East.  She recently presented her findings at the International Communication Association’s 63rd Annual Conference in London.

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NPR’s Talk of the Nation comes to close. Host Neal Conan  joins us with a look  back at the show’s  22  year run.