Oil Drilling

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A fight between state officials and a Texas-based oil company continues to play itself out in public meetings.

Ashley Lopez / WGCU

Collier officials voted to drop their lawsuit against the state’s environmental agency Tuesday. County commissioners said they are hoping instead to become partners with the state as the agency continues its legal battle with a Texas-based oil company.

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The Obama Administration recently announced it's going to allow sonic testing off Florida's east coast to see how much oil and gas is out there. Most south Florida lawmakers are upset by the reversal.


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) officially filed a lawsuit Friday in a Collier County circuit court against the Dan A. Hughes Company on four counts, which include not following a consent order signed by both parties.

Ashley Lopez / WGCU

Florida is now in a legal fight with an oil company. State regulators said the company did not meet a set of demands following a penalty for using an unauthorized drilling method. But, company officials say they have not broken any laws.