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Have you ever wondered why people tend to recoil at the sight of a snake- even if they’ve never been bitten or threatened by one? Well, you can thank Evolutionary Psychology for that.

Today on the show we’ll talk with Dr. Glenn Geher, the founding director of Evolutionary studies in Psychology from SUNY in New Paltz about his new book in which he advocates for positivity as we continue to evolve.

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A saliva swab collected from a patient’s cheek can tell doctors what kinds of drugs will work best for a patient. It's the promise of pharmacogenomics, the science behind matching a patient's genetic profile with right medicine—and avoiding drugs that could actually harm them.

Women are frequently encouraged to learn self-defense techniques, evaluate dangerous situations, and to remain alert for potential predators. The emphasis is often on ways potential victims can avoid victimization, but one Southwest Florida forensic consultant argues the conversation should focus instead on predators, and giving the community options in identifying potential offenders.

The Key West City Commission plans to vote on a proposal to make conversion therapy a crime.

University of California, Irvine

  Dr. Joseph White, dubbed the “Godfather of Black Psychology” speaks at Florida Gulf Coast University Feb. 24.  White is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine.  White is known for his advocacy in helping the field of psychology to adopt a multi-cultural model.  In 1968, White became one of the founding members of the Association of Black Psychologists and began challenging notions of how ethnic minorities should be treated and understood in psychology.