Image: NOAA

Hurricane Irma made landfall on Marco Island shortly after 3:30 p.m. Sunday, with Florida Public Radio Emergency Network forecasters seeing winds blowing at 100 mph down the coast near Marco Island.

As of 2:30pm Sunday, Hurricane Irma is a Category 3 hurricane just miles away from moving directly over Naples and Fort Myers. Winds of the monstrous storm are blowing at 120 miles per hour. The eye of Irma is currently just over 30 miles south of Naples, about 65 miles south of Fort Myers. Shortly at 2:30pm Sunday the storm was moving north at a speed of 12 mph.

Photo: Quincy Walters, WGCU

As southwest Florida begins to feel the impacts of Hurricane Irma, emergency mangers in Lee County say they have stopped responding to calls due to dangerous wind speeds. Law enforcement will also stop responding soon.

FPL is expecting more than 4 million accounts - a total of more than 9 million Florida residents - to experience power outages resulting from Hurricane Irma. Both FPL and LCEC are providing maps that allow customers to track outages in their area, and report any outages they experience.

Barbuda was the first. A Category 5 Hurricane Irma swept the island with its powerful 185 mile per hour winds. One person died. The prime minister said 95 percent of the buildings were destroyed after the storm passed.

On Wednesday, Irma made history: It became one of the most powerful recorded storm in the Atlantic Ocean. It bulldozed the U.S. Virgin Islands, ripping roofs off houses in St. Barts and flooding St. Martin. By the time the hurricane left St. Martin and St. Barts, 11 people died.