Curious Gulf Coast: How Can SWFL 'Tree Cities' Recover After Irma?

Oct 24, 2017

This week, WGCU is answering your questions about development in Southwest Florida in a multi-platform Curious Gulf Coast series. There are a lot of new development issues residents are facing after Hurricane Irma, but the most common one is figuring out what to do after all the trees have fallen.

Tree City USA is a distinction given to cities by the Arbor Day Foundation. In Southwest Florida, Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Bradenton Beach, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Naples, Sarasota and Sanibel have are all Tree City USA communities.

Pete Smith of the Arbor Day Foundation joins Gulf Coast Live to talk about the organization's replanting efforts in post-Harvey Texas versus post-Irma Florida.

Charlie Thibodeau is the retail nursery coordinator for ECHO Global Farm. He also joins Gulf Coast Live to highlight tree species that may fair harsh weather better.

Plus, LCEC is talking to us about how to keep the trees we love without the risk of them falling on our power lines.