Miami Reporter Tracks Venezuelan Crisis & Gov. Scott's Calls for Florida to Cut Ties

Jul 14, 2017

Venezuela, the oil-rich South American nation, has been gripped by political turmoil, civic unrest, and an economic crisis for months. Now Gov. Rick Scott is calling on state agencies and other businesses to cut their connections to Caracas.

President Nicolás Maduro, the authoritarian socialist successor to the late Huge Chávez, has overseen the nation’s tumble into turmoil which many experts say began with a global oil glut that drove down oil prices, and Venezuela’s state revenues, over the last five years.

Despite the recent release of opposition leader Leopoldo López from prison, the country’s unpopular socialist government remains in power, and continues to have the support of the nation’s military leaders.

Now Gov. Scott is calling on state agenies and Florida businesses to cut ties with the country, and he’s pledging to take steps for the state of Florida to cease doing business with companies associated with the Venezuelan government.

Reporter Tim Padgett with Miami’s WLRN joins the show to chart the political turmoil that’s engulfed the most oil-rich nation in the western hemisphere, and what Gov. Scott’s calls could mean for businesses and state agencies in Florida.