Hurricane Irma

Several former Florida athletes are using their platform to help Hurricane Irma victims.

Rachel Iacovone / WGCU

Hurricane Irma passed through Southwest Florida more than four days ago, yet the majority of the region is still without power — and growing tired of meals made up of canned tuna and PB&Js. But, there are a few food establishments that opened right after the storm, including one local stop that doesn't actually serve food on its own.

Photo: FEMA via Wikimedia Commons

Multiple counties in Florida can apply for federal disaster assistance through FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Irma, but the process takes time to yield relief. Cheria Brown, media specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, joins Gulf Coast Live to provide information on how exactly residents can apply for aide and what to expect after their application is in.

Jessica Meszaros / WGCU News

Hurricane Irma destroyed farms and groves all around Hendry County. An agriculture expert says 78 percent of the adult population in Hendry works in the ag industry.  Irma damages will affect everyone from growers to grocery stores.

With most local needs now met, Tallahassee area residents were helping other parts of Florida recover from Irma today (9/14).